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The name Maaro-Noyine is coined from two Ghanaian dialects (Dagarti and Frafra) to mean Peace and Development. Maaro-Noyine is a digital Crowdsourcing and Monitoring platform. The concept is created by three consortium organisations – Integrated Social Development Centre (ISODEC), TAMA Foundation Universal and Centre for Conflict Transformation and Peace Studies (CECOTAPS). The Maaro-Noyine platform is funded by the STAR Ghana Foundation for the initial purpose of monitoring the processes of the 2020 general elections to minimize or eliminate electoral violence. The Maaro-Noyine platform has the capacity to receive, store and share information, data and images and also analysis these into reports that are custom-tailored to meet various needs. The Maaro-Noyine platform in the future can be customised for any crowdsourcing and monitoring tasks.